Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bachelor Madness!!

Ok I know you all watch the bachelor right?! Let me just tell you how mad I am about this season! Hollee and I decided that this season we wanted to watch the shows together for 1. because we are both big fans and 2. so we could spend some time together because it just seems to get harder and harder to get together and she is my BFF so it was fun to watch it together.  Before the season finale we were talking about how mad we were that the bachelor/bachelorette never pick the ones we want.  This year we decided it was our season we just new that Jason was going to pick Melissa and we were so excited....... Well during the season finale Sean Hollee's hubby kept making fun of just how into we are...I mean we are really into it!  So he decided he was going to hide around the corner and take pics of our reactions to who he chose....these pics really are hilarious!

This is us watching anxiously...look at holls at the edge of her seat!
These two are directly after he chose melissa...we just knew it was our season!

                                          Look how happy we are!
                                                So happy!
                                              Totally fixed on the TV
So giddy...almost like we just got proposed to!......but then after the finale rose came on.......
 ........and Jason dumped Melissa for Molly........Can you tell we are mad?!
We couldn't believe it! What was Jason thinking?  Look at Hollee...she is mad and she vowed never to watch the show again!  I am hoping that come may I can talk her into it though! So I guess this wasn't our season.....maybe next time!